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The following bibliography comprises a complete list of my Books (B), Articles (A), and Reviews (R) from 1967 to the present. There is also available a more detailed list of Selected Works, with excerpts from reviews.

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B43 The Complete Works of John Ford, Volume II and III (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 29 September, 2016), pp. 992. ISBN 9780198748878.
2023 B44 (Editor) The Complete Works of John Ford, Volume IV (Oxford: Oxford University Press). Originally due January 2023; now expected in June 2023.
B45 Recovering Thomas Kyd: a Canon Restored (Princeton: Princeton University Press). MS delivered February 2023.
2024 B46 (Editor) The Collected Works of Thomas Kyd, 2 vols. (Woodbridge, Boydell and Brewer). Vol. 1 (2024).
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